Beneficial DUI Classes & Therapy
Drugs & Alcohol
Let us help you get your driver's license back. After taking our alcohol evaluations and classes, you will be on the path to driving once again.
Domestic violence assessments are important to your recovery. Trust Calumet Counseling & DUI Behavioral Healthcare to help you.
Experience a breakthrough with our addiction counseling and therapy sessions. We are always here to listen and be your support system.
More Than 20 Years of Experience
Proudly Serving Calumet City, Chicago South Suburbs & Northwest Indiana
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1609 Sibley Boulevard
Calumet City, IL 60409
                                            Mission Statement:
To educate and counsel those individuals affected by substance abuse and chemical dependency to develop and identify power within them that will allow them to cope with the reality of day-to-day life and to live happy, independent, and useful lives.

At Calumet Counseling & DUI Behavioral Healthcare in Calumet City, Illinois, we offer DUI classes, evaluations and assessments, addiction counseling, HIV education, toxicology screens, court reporting, and many other services. We go above and beyond to teach people how to maintain a life of abstinence. We lay a foundation for emotionally and spiritually filled lifestyles. Furthermore, we are licensed by the state of Illinois, Department of Human Services, and the Department of Alcohol Substance Abuse.
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